Anti-bird net is a Hortomallas line of netting that protect your fields and properties from the invasion of pest birds. Actually It is made of extruded plastic meshes that physically block the birds entering any zone that can be occupied by the birds.

guacamallas used for protect the home
With the Anti-Bird netting you can protect your crops and home against the attack the world.

By accessing to these areas birds can cause big damages in terms of uncleanness, cracks, and irreparable deterioration. In fact huge expenses on repairing and cleaning are daily needed.

Usually birds roost and nets, and leave excrements. The acid substance contained in the urine and the dung is capable to corrode any kind of surface, including after they have been removed. Besides the walls of buildings, that suffer the unaesthetic consequences of the excrements depositions, birds can also damage machineries, vehicles, ventilations and drainage systems.

Control bird Netting installation is easy.

Hortomallas anti-bird net is suitable for all closed and open spaces: building facades, warehouses, courtyards. The lightness of its material permits an easy installation. In fact you only need to fix some anchor points to tight the net. Control bird netting is versatile, flexible and adaptable to any structure. Additional tensioned cables can be useful in case of large areas or windy zones. Be careful not to leave any opening or wrinkles in installing the nets. You can easily adapt the measures of the nets to the area you need to cover, by cutting the material using common scissors. Make sure you are taking into account an extra perimetral netting to have enough material for the operation of fixing the edges.

Anti-bird net
Anti-bird netting is very versatile, flexible and adaptable to any structure ideal for protection of the crops.

If you need professional guide during the installation process, please contact with our technical department at Hortomallas.

Bird-control nets for agriculture use against birds that eat fruits.

In agriculture, birds are very useful because they consume insects and maintain the balance of the biological system. Nevertheless, when it is harvest time, birds that eat fruits massively invade the fruits cultivars, especially the ones that provide the sweetest fruits, like grapes, apples and berries. They don’t only consume the entire fruits causing direct loss of productions. Also and particularly they deteriorate the crops by causing holes. For this reason the yield is strongly reduced because the products loose quality and don’t pass standard requirements for being marketable.

Hortomallas aviary net is the economical and permanent method to stop birds eating the fruits.

It is possible to install anti-bird net directly over the plants to keep them out of the fruits. In fact the flexibility and ultralight weight permit to fit any tree shape. In addition thanks to its high quality strongness, it resists against a medium-large populations of birds.

anti bird net protecting tree
The anti-bird netting is very economical and very effective method for protection to your crops.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Allows air circulation, light and moisture penetration.
  • Ultralight.
  • Manageable and easy to instal.
  • Fire and oxid resistant.
  • Direct application, with no need of specialized devices.
  • Uniform and UV resistant material.
  • Easily reduced to size, by common trimmer.
  • Reusable, washable and storable.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe for animals and humans.
  • Economical

In summary, Hortomallas anti-bird nets are the ideal solution for preventing damages and losses caused by the birds. For one thing they are an effective barrier against the animals for another they are safe and ecofriendly.