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Significance of Bird-Control Netting

Bird Control Netting
The presence of birds can be very annoying and disturbing, so you should find the ideal way for your protection.

Bird Control Netting. The Birds are beautiful-colorful creatures. But have you ever wondered to what extent this light weighing feathered animal can wreck your living spaces? Yes. It is time to face the facts. If not controlled, pest birds have the ability to cost you a lot of money. This money can be saved through a measure commonly known as bird-control netting. But before we look into what it is, let us look into why it is so important.

Wild birds are prone to cause a public nuisance. When they gather in large numbers, they look for places that are big and that can provide them with food and shelter. A flock of birds can cause a lot of noise. They can impose a big health risk because of their frequent feces which not only creates a mess in the surroundings but also attracts diseases and infestation. There is also a safety concern as they might swoop and attack people. They can also pose a threat to your financial condition as they can ruin expensive equipment, fabrics, food, the farm produce and any other thing that comes to their reach.

bird on cherry plant
500With the bird barrier you avoid that your crops be vulnerable for the birds.

Purpose of Netting

All this menace can be controlled using bird-control netting. It is a form of pest control and is used to exclude birds from encroaching into specific areas. It is also known as an anti-bird net. It comes in various shapes, colors and sizes, so choosing what net you want to use will depend upon the type of bird species you want to control. The most common color is Black because of various reasons – the carbon black UV inhibitor saves the mesh wire from getting damaged by ultraviolet rays, grapevines could be easily inspected through black netting and birds cannot easily see through the damaged holes to enter the net. Bird nets are either made of polyethylene or polypropylene and come in other colors like green which could be used in home gardening, milky white which is usually woven and knitted with a smaller mesh, for its beauty. The most common type is a polyethylene UV protected net with 12/6 twine. A person buying bird-control netting should check for its wear and tear resistance against the UV rays, ease of installation, and the overall aesthetic look. Apart from protection from birds, netting also serves other purposes like being used as an anti-hail net for protecting fruits during summer or spring hailstorms.

Annoyance of Pigeons with Pigeon Netting as an Effective Solution

If you are residing in a residential or a commercial area, controlling bird menace in the urban and suburban areas could be difficult and sometimes ineffective. Pigeon protection net is another thing one could consider buying. Pigeons nest in small, flat areas where they find comfort and food. Pigeon control is important because of the damage and diseases these birds carry. The uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive causing damage to metal structures. They nest and lay eggs near their place of birth, which prevents them from migrating to other places. Hence this tool gives a big relief to this peril. Installed at balconies, passages or even windows, these can be effectively used to protect commercial buildings and homes from wild pigeons.

grapes crops with bird net
The fruits are safe under the protection against the bird attack.

Poultry Netting and Its Uses

Poultry is a huge part of an average American diet, with more than 50 billion chickens raised annually. If you have a poultry farm then keeping predators like foxes, snakes at bay would be one of the most difficult challenges. After all, you do not want to spend wasteless hours in counting your chickens, birds including pigeons, ducks, and geese. Hence investing in an effective fencing option while designing your poultry farm will be a wise option. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending upon the kind of poultry you have. Creating a safe environment for the poultry to move in, you can either choose an electric or a polyethylene UV protected net. Easy to install, one can always customise the dimensions. One should be testing this tool for its strength and durability.

poultry net used in home
The poultry net is a good option for the care of the poultries and too can be used for protection against the birds attack.

Areas of Application

Bird-control netting can be used by anyone who works in Architectural, Industrial, Agricultural, and Aquacultural sector. It can also be used in a residential area. Majorly, it is used for crop cultivation like fruits, vegetables or seedlings by protecting the crop from lowering its value. Architects use it to safeguard buildings, machines, roofs. Industrialists use it for protecting mining areas as the Government has made it mandatory to use it to protect the wildlife from the hazardous effects of chemicals. Aquacultural sectors like fisheries use it to protect creatures like seagulls, herons etc. from these marauding birds.

bird barrier used for protect flowers
The bird barrier is a resistant and durable protection for that your can protect your crops.

How to Make the Best Use of It?

The net creates a barrier and makes it difficult for the birds to enter the property, thereby saving the crops, products and other valuables. It must be installed on an extremely high standard to exclude the birds. Fitted at the highest level, it should be completely closed on the ground. Without securing the ground, the net might move up from the breeze making it possible for the birds to enter the premise. It is a simple technique and can be done by anyone. It can be customised as per the location and is easy to remove for cleaning. Sometimes the entire process might become tedious depending on the net choice you make, and sometimes you might want to choose a slightly easier option but remember what one rightly said – ‘Where There Is Pain, There Is Gain’. Anything that is out and in the open runs a risk of being attacked. Therefore bird-control netting is the most opted solution for the protection of one’s belongings. Even though these lurching birds bring vitality to your surroundings, it is time you draw the line when it comes to your valuable possessions. This is where the essence of bird-control netting lies.

crops in greenhouse using bird net
The bird control net si the best option for prevents that the birds eats your crops.

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  1. Bird control netting is so vital for commercial building especially new the seaside.

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