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Bird netting as the name suggest, is a protection mechanism that preserves some commodity of value from the attack of birds. These protected items can either crops, fisheries or anything that would a bird would want to feed on. Sometimes it may be for the protection of birds itself such as in the case of mining. Bird netting or anti bird netting uses specialized and different types of bird net to protect certain areas or products from the attack of bird species. Black colored bird nets having mesh sizes of 1 or 2 square cm are the most common and the color mostly used in black. Also the materials can vary based on different requirements. However, it mostly is a type of polymer or a blend of certain polymers.

Framers and other workers can purchase bird nets in jumbo or small packages based on the requirements. However, a bed net provides a very cheap and effective mechanism for protection for and against the bird species.

Guacamallas net protecting grapes against the birds attack
With the bird netting you provide to your crop of the best protection against the birds’ attack.

How it works?

The netting consists of high density polyethylene twines that is knotted and twisted to form an impenetrable mesh like protective net for bird control. This establishes a barrier that birds cannot penetrate. Usually these bird nets are UV treated and made of colors like black, milky white etc which provides excellent protection from harmful and intense sun rays. 

It is usually installed with the help of steel structures which aids in maintaining the overall structural stability and rigidity. A bird net is then stretched and tied to form a strong impenetrable barrier that eliminates any chances for problems caused by certain bird species. It should also be noted that bird nets are easy and inexpensive to remove and setup each time, after the initial installation.

Advantages of using a bird net

  • Reliable and considerate alternative for bird control

  • Complete protection against target bird pest species

  • Rigid bird exclusion product

  • Different types available for specific usage purposes and target bird species

  • Protection against UV rays and other harmful effects of sun rays

  • Extremely long lasting, some of them can last up to 10-15 years

  • Available in different colors based on their use or purpose

  • Different sizes for differing applications

  • No chances of rusting or absorption of water

  • Flame resistant and hence a stable product

  • Specialized access for humans with incorporated zips and other access ways

  • Can also be used as a frost blanket.

Bird netting
Avoid the attack and the arrival of pests to your crops.

Usages of bird netting

A bird net finds use in a variety of applications and some of them are both inevitable and extremely important for the end users.

The primary use of bird nets is for the protection of fruits, vegetable and seedlings. In other words, crop netting is the main use of bird nets on a global scale. Frugivore species are known for the troubles they cause for farmers. These bird species and some bats would peck on unprotected crop areas and would destroy the produce. As we all know, such fruits and vegetables have no value whatsoever in the markets. This would result in some serious loss for the farmers cultivating these crops. Thus a bird net is put to use which would completely isolate the area preventing any attack from such species. 

guacamallas used for care in the garden
Get the best protection for your crops against the attack of your crops.

Other uses of bird nets would include its application in fisheries and related areas of the market. The fish and meat products to be sold in the market are stored in some containers for transportation. This is an ideal situation for some bird species like seagulls or pelicans to steal their share of fish. So these products are protected using strong bird nets of a different mesh size from that for crop netting. For protection buildings and residential areas also we use bird nets. A pigeon net is an example for these types of nets. This establishes an impenetrable barrier that would keep out these bird species from trespassing into our living spaces.  

In the mining industry, numerous dangerous chemicals are used. This poses some serious dangers for the bird species living in and around the area. So to protect these birds, they are forbidden from entering the premises by the use of specialized bird netting. It was recently made mandatory by the US government.

Thus the use of bird nets extends to many areas and its importance in the present time is unavoidable in any sense.

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